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StickNFind Bluetooth Stickers: Never Lose Your Phone or Keys Again

 |  |  |  |  December 1, 2012

I usually don’t misplace things, but from time to time, everyone misplaces their keys, phone or wallet. Instead of raging like an animal, tearing apart your place, why not simply stick on an Bluetooth sticker that will allow you to easily find them again.

sticknfind bluetooth stickers indiegogo keys wallet app

StickNFind combines small Bluetooth-enabled stickers with an accompanying app that will help you locate your missing objects, keys, wallet, or anything else. The stickers are the size of a quarter, and they aren’t too bulky, so it’s not too complicated to find a place to stick them on. The app can also be set to alert you when your objects are out of proximity, which will allow you to never leave your house without your keys or wallet. This feature also makes it great for keeping tabs on kids – though it does have a range limit of 100 feet.

sticknfind bluetooth stickers indiegogo keys wallet app

The StickNFind app can pinging users when they are near the object, but can’t pinpoint the exact location of them, so you’ll still have to search a little bit for them. Still, it’ll quickly get you in the vicinity of your lost items, and you can cause the stickers to beep or light up remotely making them much easier to find.

Each sticker has a replaceable battery, though you can expect each of them to last for a year, with an average use of 30 minutes a day. StickNFind was launched  an Indiegogo crowdfunding project. You’ll have to pledge $35(USD) to get 2 stickers. $65 gets you 4 stickers, $90 gets you 6 stickers, and $150 buys you 10 stickers. So far, they’ve amassed about  $10,000 of a projected goal of $70,000, with 45 days of funding left.

[via Ubergizmo]