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Halo Energy Sword Lamp Won’t Kill You With One Hit

 |  |  |  |  December 3, 2012

I’ve been so busy recently that I haven’t yet finished campaign mode on Halo 4, but I’m gradually making my way through all of the missions. One weapon that I have yet to stumble onto (other than in Infinity multiplayer mode) this time is the classic energy sword. I’m sure it’ll turn up sooner or later, as it’s the ultimate melee weapon. But I suppose if I want one right away, I could always go for this energy sword lamp.


The lamp is made from laser-cut acrylic that’s been shaped and polished in the form of the glowing and deadly Covenant weapon. The top part of the lamp is made of transparent blue, while the base is made from┬átranslucent┬ádark blue acrylic.


Each lamp is made to order by Pete Belcher of The Back Pack Shoppe, and sells for $75(USD), which seems very reasonable for what it is. Halo fans can order one here.

From the looks of it, the tip of this thing is just as sharp and pointy as the weapon in the game, so don’t pick it up and start swinging it about. You’ll poke your eye out, kid.