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Robotic Fruit Bowl Costs $11,500, Might Drop Your Fruit on the Floor

 |  |  |  |  |  December 7, 2012

I love cool art and design, but artists can be a weird bunch. Take for instance this fruit bowl which was on display in the Design Space Tel Aviv booth at this week’s Art Basel show in Miami.


What you’re looking at is a 3D-printed fruit bowl that automatically opens itself when a user approaches it, and closes itself when they walk away. When it’s in motion, it looks pretty cool – like something out of a science fiction flick – but the design seems completely impractical too. Not only would I be worried that my fruit would fall out of it, but it also costs a whopping $11,500 (USD). I think I could buy out all of the fresh produce at my local grocery store for less than that.

The Robotic Fruit Bowl was created by Noam Dover and Amit Drori, and at that price they will probably will continue to own it.

[Thanks for the tip, Buster!]