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AnyGlove Solution Makes Any Glove Touchscreen-Compatible

 |  |  |  |  |  December 9, 2012

It’s winter and people still need to use their smartphones or tablets as much as ever. But buying a dedicated pair of touchscreen gloves could be an unnecessary expense. AnyGlove is a special solution that claims to make any glove touchscreen-compatible.


AnyGlove’s secret potion works by simply putting a few drops on the fingertips of your gloves, providing the proper conductive properties to make capacitive touchscreens work. The concoction isn’t permanent, and you’ll need to reapply it every few days, depending on how much you use your gloves.¬†Also, the liquid can stain lighter colored fabrics and yarns, but it’s invisible on darker materials.

You can get AnyGlove from Amazon for $14.95(USD). Depending on how long it lasts, it might be cheaper to just buy touchscren gloves, but I’m definitely curious to try these on my motorcycle gloves.