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Hue Toaster: Make Perfectly Brown Toast Each & Every Time

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Written by Range | December 10, 2012

You know, when my toaster doesn’t get my piece of toast just right, I get really pissed off! OK, I don’t actually get that mad, but burnt toast is definitely an annoyance. Toaster tech hasn’t evolved much in the last century, but this smart toaster concept aims to take things into the 22nd century and beyond, at least for toast-making.


The Hue toaster was designed by Basheer Tome. It uses photo sensors to determine the color of bread as it toasts. Once it reaches your pre-selected level, it pops out the toast. The toaster automatically varies the toasting time depending on what you pop in, and does away with the need for special “bagel” or “frozen” modes.


A frozen piece of bread will take longer before it thaws. Thicker pieces of bread will take longer, but this toaster handles them all automatically.

While The Hue is still in the prototype stages, I hope it gets made to resolve all of our first-world, toaster-related problems.

[via Core77 via DVice]