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Remoca Lets You Watch Your Pet Eat (for a Price)

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  December 19, 2012

Even if they drive us nuts most of the time, we still love our pets. And while I prefer to forget that my insane dog exists while I’m on vacation, some of you want to check in on your dogs and cats from afar. With this pricey Japanese gadget, you can do just that.


The Remoca is basically a pet bowl with a motorized webcam built into it. I guess it’s a little more than that, since you can also talk to your pet remotely, and open up a couple of snack trays using either a PC, Android or iOS device. Just plug it in, and it connects via your Wi-Fi network to provide video of your pet from anywhere in the world – assuming they’re at the bowl, of course. The webcam also has an infrared light ring around it, so you can see your pet in the dark.


It seems like kind of a cool idea for dedicated pet owners, but the bad part is that it’s selling for a whopping $799(USD) over at the Japan Trend Shop.¬†Though if you’re willing to try a Japanese import service, you can get it for as little as ¬•39900 (~$475 USD) here. Still, I think I’ll just duct tape one of these webcams to my pet bowl to achieve basically the same thing.