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Tusken Raider Art: R2-D2 Sand Sculpture

 |  |  |  |  |  December 21, 2012

I always wondered how the Tusken Raiders passed the time in the desert. Between raiding travelers and shooting at pod racers, they probably had a little time on their hands. Perhaps they make sculptures like this nifty sand Astromech droid. They probably hold contests every year, pick a winner and them demolish all evidence under Bantha feet.

This 3-foot-tall R2 was actually made by DeviantArtist Sculptin – who clearly knows how to get a lot of detail from sand. Tusken Raiders would have probably trouble making a sculture like this one due to lack of moisture. Unless they use Bantha spit or something.

This would make a great decoy droid on Tatooine if you wanted to catch some Jawas off guard. That’s probably what Sculptin was thinking. If I can just catch a Jawa, they can give me a real droid. I hope they got one.

[via Obvious Winner]