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Super Mario Leather Belt Puts an Entire Level Around Your Waist

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Written by Conner Flynn | December 31, 2012

Holding your pants up just got a whole lot geekier. Sure, you could always buy yourself a Super Mario Bros. belt buckle, but wouldn’t you rather have an entire level of your choice on a leather belt? Well, now you can, as long as you are willing to cough up a lot of gold coins.
super mario leather belt
Leather artist SalukiFeathers is offering just that. Each of these Super Mario belts is painstakingly hand-tooled and the process takes weeks. Now you know why they cost $395(USD).


I’m not sure which level I would choose. The one in the picture, where Mario finally rescues his Princess looks pretty good to me. I suppose it would be a lot cheaper to just get pants that fit. Or overalls, like Mario. However that wouldn’t be nearly as cool as this belt.


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