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Gingerbread Star Trek Communicator: Eat Me up, Scotty!

 |  |  |  |  January 3, 2013

Scotty. One to beam up. And hurry up, I’m hungry. I don’t want to eat my communicator and end up stranded on this alien planet. Yep, this is a gingerbread version of a standard-issue Starfleet communicator from Star Trek.


It comes from the author of Trek food blog Food Replicator. Indeed, there is a whole blog devoted to Star Trek food. Big surprise, nerds like nerd food. The gingerbread communicator actually sounds pretty easy to make if you want one for yourself. To make it, he cut out the pattern pieces on thick card paper and used them to cut out the cookie pieces. He then used royal icing for all the decorations and to glue the pieces together.


I especially like the detail on the speaker grill. It’s obviously delicious. Judging by William Shatner’s girth these days, I’m betting he ate a few of these in between takes.

[via Geekdad]