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Justice League of America Defaced Bills: in Good We Trust

 |  |  |  |  |  January 4, 2013

In the comics, the bad guys are always pretty obvious. In the real world, they look just like you and I. In the real world they run banks and pull scams on Wall Street. They work in our government. They get rich at the expense of others as they grow fat and laugh, while people starve on the street. Their name is greed and they are the vilest form of scum and villainy you will find. We need the Justice League to save our economy!
justice league
The team is on it thanks to artist Aslan Malik from Berlin, Germany. He put these cool ‘legal’ notes together to fight economic injustice in the world. There is Hamilton as Batman, Jackson as Wonder Woman, Ben Franklin as the Green Lantern, Lincoln as the Flash and Ulysses S. Grant as Superman.

wonder_woman_dollar_justice_leaguegreen_lantern_dollar_justice_leaguejustice league 1superman_dollar_justice_league

He did a great job on these. If real money was this cool, people would still be spending cash instead of using their debit cards.


[via Obvious Winner]