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Emergency Portable SNES: Survive the Apocalypse with Super Mario World

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 5, 2013

You have to be prepared for disasters – whether it is a hurricane, a tornado, a zombie apocalypse, whatever. The end result could be that you could be without power. Forget food and water and blankets. You need to be ready to be able to play some classic Nintendo while you wait to be rescued.
Redditor robotairz has you covered. He has created a portable set-up that you can build yourself. This shock-proof yellow Pelican 1300 case is loaded with an SNES console, controllers, and games. It has everything two players need to keep themselves entertained for hours while civilization crumbles around them. It runs on batteries and even has a built in charger and LCD screen.

It cost about $425 to build, but being able to play Donkey Kong Country is priceless.

[via Nerd Approved]