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HL2 Gravity Gun Replicas Coming to ThinkGeek, Newton’s Laws Still Apply

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 10, 2013

Fans of Half-Life 2 know that the Gravity Gun is one of the greatest weapons in the history of video gaming. The idea of a gun that can pick up random objects like sawblades and turn them into projectiles was just brilliant. Well, soon you’ll be able to own a full-scale replica of this great gaming gun.


The guys at ThinkGeek have managed to score a distribution deal for NECA’s limited-edition Gravity Gun (aka the “Zero-Point Energy Field Manipulator.”)┬áThe full-size replica will include bright orange LEDs, as well as sound effects from the game when you pull the triggers. While it looks awesome, it still can’t actually manipulate gravity like the real gun. Though you could always try this hack once you have it in your grubby little mitts.

It’s coming to ThinkGeek this April, where it will sell for $149.99(USD). While you can’t pre-order one just yet, you can get on the notification email list now if you want to score one of these for your Half-Life 2 collection.