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Hate Mail: When You Care Enough to Send the Very Worst

 |  |  |  |  January 11, 2013

I bet that almost everyone wants to send hate mail at some point in their life, but only a few of us actually go ahead and do it. One day, London-based illustrator Mr. Bingo sent a stranger, Jonathan Hopkins, an offensive postcard. It was passed around and enjoyed by quite a few people, so he opened a service where people could request that an abusive message be sent on their behalf.

mr bingo hate mail photo

The rules of Hate Mail mean that each of the postcard art pieces is to be completely random. Specific requests aren’t allowed. Mr. Bingo states that he isn’t responsible or liable for anyone suffering emotional damage as a result of Hate Mail.


And while you might not ever get your hands on an original one of these postcards, Mr. Bingo has produced over 400 illustrations to date, and they are now available as a book for all to enjoy.

mr bingo hate mail book photo

The Hate Mail service is still available, but only in the UK. Since it’s been quite popular, it’s only open sporadically. Check out the video below for a profile on Mr. Bingo and the story behind his Hate Mail series (NSFW: Language).

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