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This Dalek Cake Makes for a Happy Extermination Day, I Mean Birthday

 |  |  |  |  January 14, 2013

Happy extermination day to you. Happy extermination day to you. I love a good Dalek cake and this cake was made by Mike’s Amazing Cakes for Irene’s 16th birthday. Hopefully that wasn’t her last, because you know how Dalek cakes can be. One minute you’re blowing out the candles and the next, you are lit up like an X-Ray as your ashes fall to the floor.
dalek cake for irene
Irene is a very lucky girl, because this is a quality Dalek cake – especially that egg-beater arm. The details are super nice. And if it tastes anything like it looks, she came back for seconds.

I’ve never had a Dalek cake for my birthday, so save me a piece Irene. If there is any left. Which there isn’t, of course. Now I’m sad, but that doesn’t make this cake any less awesome.

[via Between The Pages via Neatorama]