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Fifth Element Fhloston Paradise Battle Recreated in LEGO

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Written by Conner Flynn | January 14, 2013

Remember the epic shootout sequence on Fhloston Paradise in The Fifth Element? Well, this is it, lovingly recreated in LEGO by builder Matt De Lonoy. Man, I love this movie. Where else are you going to find Milla Jovovich running around half naked with orange hair saying Leeloo Dallas Multipass?
fifth element

But I digress. The detail on this LEGO diorama is pretty amazing. It looks like he got all of the action scenes from this locale dead on.

fifth element 1
I love that he used parts from the LEGO Alien Conquest sets, since the aliens look so much like Mangalores from the movie.


Seriously, what geek doesn’t love this movie? I bet most of you will go watch it again after reading this. I know that’s what I’m doing. And hit the link to check out more images of this awesome LEGO build.

fifth element 2

[via Geekologie]