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TARDIS Police Call Box Has an Actual Phone Inside

 |  |  |  |  January 15, 2013

Do you still use a landline? If so, you are one of very few left. But it’s a great excuse to buy yourself this TARDIS phone. This touch-tone phone in a phone box isn’t any bigger on the inside, but it is still pretty timey-wimey.

Tardis Phone Booth with an Actual Phone Inside
And it won’t call Gallifrey or anywhere else in the universe for that matter, but you can call your friends on Earth. But if you get a call that sounds all electronic and they are asking for someone named “Exterminate” I would just hang up, disconnect the phone and run. Just run. And don’t look back. Also, don’t blink. Just in case.

The TARDIS phone will cost you £59.99 (~$96 USD) from

[via Geek Alerts]