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Audi Intelligent OLED Lighting Display: Just Imagine the Repair Costs

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Written by Range | January 23, 2013

Audi makes some pretty sleek cars, and their designs are often cutting edge, especially when you check out their new ideas about lighting technology. I’ll admit that most cars that I’ve had needed better lighting, especially when you’re driving along dark country roads, far away from the freeway.

Audi is thinking about doing away with traditional taillights and replacing them with form-fitting OLED lights instead.

audi oled technology swarm photo

These cool looking organic lights would cover the entire width of the trunk, and potentially cover the entire body of the vehicle. The lights will swarm as the car accelerates, and the red lights will flow towards the direction in which the car is turning. Using the brake causes the lights to gather in pools.

This seems like a smart idea, but I can already imagine the costs of replacing the lights if someone rear-ends you. Also, I think it will take some time before this kind of display becomes legal. It could definitely be seen as a distraction to other drivers if not executed properly.

audi oled technology swarm front photo

audi oled technology swarm back photo

[via Geek & Hype]