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Billboard Blinds: Adblock Plus, IRL

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 25, 2013

In a world where ads are constantly being shoved into everyone’s face at any given moment, these Billboard Blinds are a welcome change. It’s a concept for an urban intervention that gives people like you and me a choice on whether or not we want to view ads while waiting for the bus or train or while flagging down a taxi.

Billboard BlindsIf you’re not in the mood to know about the latest show that’s hitting on network TV soon or about newest teeth whitening products in the market, then simply reach out and pull the blinds, and go on your merry way. (Or rather, continue waiting your merry way. You get the picture.) This idea might even make ads more effective for those who are interested in them, thanks to the interaction required to open them and view the ad underneath. That’s got to make the ad a bit more memorable, right?

Billboard Blinds1

The cool thing is you don’t need to install any fancy gizmos or gadgets to achieve this end. Regular window blinds will do. Who knew something so simple could make a world of difference?

Billboard Blinds were conceptualized by George Zisiadis.