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ManHands Soap Delightful Scents Include Beer, Muscle Rub, Top Soil, and “Urinal Mint”

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  January 28, 2013

Most men I know don’t smell like bacon, baseball gloves, top soil, or urinal cakes, but maybe it’s because the men I know take baths regularly and practice good hygiene. At least, I’d like to think so.

Nonetheless, it’s still funny to see ManHands’ line of man-branded soap featuring all sorts of weird and unusual scents like the ones I mentioned, plus more like muscle rub, bonfire, red wine, cash, and brewed coffee.

manhands_scents_1The product page boasts that the soaps will make any man ‘smell like a man’ and ‘smell the way they need to smell.’ That’s pretty ironic, considering the fact that all 19 scents being offered smell, well, pretty disgusting to me. At least, I’d imagine they would, given the actual things they based on aren’t exactly stuff any girl (or guy) would want to sniff on a regular basis.


They are: bacon, baseball glove, beer, bonfire, brewed coffee, buttered popcorn, cannabis, cash, cedar log cabin, democrat(?), fresh cut grass, margarita, muscle rub, nag champa incense, obsession cologne, red wine, republican, top soil – and, saving the best for last – urinal mint.

Each 3-ounce bar of ManHands soap is priced at $6.95.