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Lehmann LA100 Drone Flies Solo with Your GoPro

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Written by Lambert Varias | January 29, 2013

Remember the Drones for Peace? The project that wants to sell drones with cameras for just $250 (USD)? If you think that that’s too much to ask, check out what we have now. This is Lehmann Aviation’s LA100, a drone that’s meant to whisk away a GoPro camera or two. Along with your money.


Whereas the mythical peaceful drones are barely controllable – you point them to a spot via a mobile app and they’ll fly to it on their own – the LA100 is completely autonomous, flying on a broad, pre-set trajectory and then back to it’s master. You don’t get a remote control, an app or even a whistle. What you do get is a 2lb. foam and carbon fiber drone that can soar almost 330ft. up for up to 5 minutes.

The LA100 comes with a mounting kit for GoPro cameras. If you have the GoPro Hero3, you can mount your camera at the bottom or at the top. The older GoPro Heros can only be mounted at the top though. But if you do have an extra Hero3, you can mount two cameras to the LA100 at the same time.

You can order the LA100 from Lehmann Aviation’s website for €990 (~$1,330 USD). Don’t even ask how much Lehmann is charging for the ones that come with remote controls.

[via Uncrate]