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Mario and Luigi as Ghostbusters: Who Ya Gonna Call?

 |  |  |  |  |  |  January 29, 2013

I think we finally have a worthy idea for the next Ghostbusters film, based on this work of fine geek art. Imagine Mario and Luigi Ghostbusting and saving Peach from Boo in the haunted castle.
mario ghostbusters
This awesome painting is the work of artist joehavasy who makes all kinds of cool geek art. Being a fan of both Super Mario games and Ghostbusters, this mash-up makes complete sense to me – and I for one, would love to see a live-action version of this painting on the big screen. It took over a month to paint and measures 20 x 30″. It’s painted on a piece of birch wood with a wooden frame backing it.

The beam of light was painted with a fluorescent paint that even gives off a glow in darker rooms and Boo’s tongue has some gloss medium on it so that it actually looks wet as well. This painting will cost you $1,200(USD). That’s a whole lot of gold coins, but I still think it’s totally worth it.