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EKOCYCLE Accessories Made out of Garbage

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 2, 2013

There is a lot of garbage in the world, which is probably why Coca-Cola and partnered up to create EKOCYCLE, an initiative that helps market gadgets, clothing and other products which use up to 100% plastic and aluminum waste as source material.


Among the products in the line are the EKOCYCLE Beats by Dre headphones – which contain 31% recycled materials, and have three different recycled PET plastics, while still delivering optimal sound.

ekocycle accessories headphones cases jeans levis photo

Levi’s has created the 29% post-consumer recycled 501 Waste<Less Jeans thanks to the fact that its polyester is a byproduct of waste thermoplastics. They use an average of eight different recycled plastic bottles per pair of jeans, and Levi’s expects to repurpose over 3.5 million recycled PET plastic bottles in the Spring of this year alone.

ekocycle accessories headphones cases jeans levis waste photo

The Barely There smartphone case from Casemate uses 100% recycled materials, and extends the life of discarded waste while protecting your shiny new tech.ekocycle accessories headphones cases jeans levis casemate photo

These products are pretty cool, and I hope that more of our gear is made out of garbage, because there is certainly plenty left over in landfills everywhere.

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