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GLaDOS Ring: Wear This, You Monster

 |  |  |  |  |  February 2, 2013

Fans of the Portal series will want to open up their wallets right now, and place an order for this clever ring – designed to look just like GLaDOS. No, I’m not talking about the “I’m a potato” GLaDOS – that wouldn’t make for a very cool looking ring. But this pre-potato GLaDOS looks swell.


It’s even got the inscription inside “STILL ALIVE…” While the image above shows a lovely full color GLaDOS, keep in mind that this 3D printed ring will come in a solid color. So if you want it to look that awesome, you’ll need to buy it in white and dig out the fine-tip paintbrush. Or you could go for the shiny steel, silver or gold plated versions for some added sparkle.

The GLaDOS ring was designed by QUATRO, and is available from Shapeways. Prices for the ring range from $17.80 to $92(USD), depending on the material you select, and you can order the ring in a variety of sizes – yet another wonder of 3D printing. And if you’d prefer a pendant to a ring, QUATRO has you covered too.

All Aperture Science test subjects are required to buy one now. For science.

[via r/SUATMM]