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Surgeon Simulator Lets You Clumsily Try Your Hand at Open Heart Surgery

 |  |  |  |  |  February 4, 2013

You know how the hero in the movie that you’re watching suddenly takes over the controls of the plane or helicopter, right before it crashes into the ground or something, and manages to fly it well because he or she played flight simulation games on the PC or on some other platform?

Well, don’t expect the same thing to happen to you with the newest “true-to-life” simulation game to hit the interwebs called Surgeon Simulator.

Surgeon SimulatorWhile you might be able to perform open heart surgery in the game (or not), I doubt you’ll find yourself being able to do the same thing in real life.

The video game was created by Bossa Studios for the 2013 Global Game Jam. You, the player, are supposed to control the hands of a not-so-skilled surgeon using your keyboard and mouse.

You are Nigel Burke… an ordinary guy, with no outstanding skills. Somehow forced to perform a heart transplant, using any tools available. Complete the operation in the quickest time possible, with minimal blood loss! Features Revolutionary 1 to 1 finger manipulation control system realistic surgical tool physics. Professional voice acting. Thumping soundtrack. This is, Surgeon Simulator 2013.

Despite the precision controls, so far, no one’s managed to complete the surgery successfully, but who knows? You might be the first one. Give it your best shot now.

[via Laughing Squid]