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Thermo-Sensitive Business Cards Help You Make a Warm Impression

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Written by Hazel Chua | February 5, 2013

Business cards aren’t just useful for handing people your contact information. If you’re smart about it, then you can actually use them to help make and cement a good first impression unto others.

Take these business cards by design studio Under Consideration, for example.

Thermo Sensitive Business CardsThey’re far from the typical business card in the sense that each card changes upon contact with your fingertips, lips, or whatever is warm enough to leave a permanent imprint. To make the cards, Under Consideration coated Fedrigoni/Ispira purezza paper cards with thermosensitive ink.

Thermo Sensitive Business Cards0

The cards were commissioned by Natalie Daniels, and they weren’t cheap to print. While it might seem that paying $985 for a thousand cards is a bit too much, it looks like it’s paying off since she’s getting tons of exposure because of her extremely unique cards.

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