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TARDIS Blanket is Warmer on the Inside

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 6, 2013

When you don’t have a TARDIS with which to travel through time and space, the next best thing might be a TARDIS shaped blanket. Instead of walking into the TARDIS and hitting some controls, you can just get in and pull this blanket over your head and let your dreams take you to distant alien worlds for adventure.
tardis blanket
This blanket was made by Kristi from RainyMondayTumblr. It’s over 7.5-feet-long and has some nice extra touches. The windows and light glow in the dark, and the light itself was made with sparkly fabric. This thing took about two months to make.

The person who received this blanket is one lucky so and so. I wish I could sleep in it. With Amy Pond preferably.

[via The Mary Sue via Nerd Approved]