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Branch Umbrella Makes It Easy For You to Share Your Umbrella-Ella-Ella

 |  |  |  February 10, 2013

There’s only so much room overhead for umbrellas. An easy solution would be to share, but then comes the question of whose turn it is to hold the umbrella upright. Quentin de Coster’s simple solution to that? The Branch Umbrella.

Branch UmbrellaI think the name of the umbrella pretty much explains the entire design. Instead of a single handle, it branches into two so the people under it can do their part and take a branch each to keep the umbrella over their heads.

The handle was created for Les Petits Rien / Spullenhulp, a Belgian non-profit organization that invites product and fashion designers to come up with unique pieces from secondhand materials for their Second Hand, Second Life auction. All of the proceeds, of course, are used to fight poverty.

Branch Umbrella1

Of the design, Coster explains: “When it is raining and you are accompanied, it is often difficult to wait for the other and adjust your stride compared to its own. This double handle allows two people to hold the umbrella and leads them to walk at the same pace.”

[via MocoLoco via Gadgets Matrix]