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Finger Trap Handbags: You’ll Be Stuck with This Purchase

 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  February 10, 2013

Chinese finger traps are probably the bane of many children’s (and android’s) existences. Of course, it’s not much of a scare or prank once you figure out how to get your fingers out of the trap, but the trauma (“I’m going to be stuck like this forever!”) remains.

Picking up on how finger traps work is designer James Piatt, who managed to work its mechanism into a series of ladies’ handbags.

chinese_finger_trap_bags The result? His Finger Trap line of handbags, which requires at least one trapped finger to ‘hold’ the bag. The full-sized version is best carried with three fingers trapped in the handles (or shall I say, finger-dles?) It comes with a shoulder strap, in case you’d prefer to have full use of your bag finger while you’re carrying it.

Fingertrap Handbags2

This here is the mini version of the Finger Trap bag:

Fingertrap Handbags1

It’s definitely an unusual design inspired by an equally unusual puzzle. They don’t come cheap, either. The full-sized Finger Trap bag costs $725(USD), while the mini one retails for $125.

[via Laughing Squid]