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Star Destroyer Cake Will Crush Your Rebel Diet

 |  |  |  February 11, 2013

Pew, pew, pew, pew! This Star Destroyer cake will fly over your birthday presents and tractor beam them into it’s hanger bay like so many Rebel ships. And you won’t even care – since this cake is complete awesomeness. It even lights up.
star destroyer cake
Lorenzo Wood, who has to be the best parent ever, made this Imperial Star Destroyer birthday cake for his son Alexander. This cake sits on a custom base Lorenzo made that has light up windows and even thruster flare effects.  The detail is super nice, and the lights certainly beat crummy old candles, right?

star destroyer cake1
Great job Lorenzo. I’m surprised he didn’t rig an escape pod that shoots a cupcake shaped capsule onto your plate. Star Destroyer or diet destroyer?

[via Geektyrant]