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Sonic Wallets Sound off When You Spend Cash

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Written by Paul Strauss | February 12, 2013

While it’s always fun to buy things, it’s not always fun that you have to deplete your funds to make it so. These new wallets serve as a not-so-subtle reminder to think about how you’re spending your precious cash every time you open them up.

scream_sonic_walletEach of the Sonic Wallets offer a variety of unique sound effects to accompany the imagery on its outside. For instance, the Edvard Munch-inspired “The Scream” wallet lets out a horrible variety of blood-curdling screams whenever you open it to take out your cash or credit cards:

There are a total of eight designs available, including an American flag, baseball, Buddha, drum machine, Jesus, Moolah the Cow, and my personal favorite, the Shakespearean insult wallet:

Though I’m not sure if the wallet is tossing barbs like “You are a tedious fool”¬†and “Out of my sight, though dost infect my eyes!” at the snot-nosed punk cashier or at the owner of the wallet.


Each wallet is made from durable Dupont Tyvek, and sells for $19.95(USD). Check out all of the different designs and sounds over at Gadgets & Gear.

Sure, these could get annoying after a while, but maybe that’ll teach you to spend less money – or the battery will eventually die (after a few thousand uses.)