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Lightsaber Toilet Plunger and Millennium Falcon Toilet Seat: May the Flush Be with You

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 13, 2013

This belonged to your father. He wanted you to have it. It is a plumbing tool from a more civilized age. And here, have this Millenium Falcon Toilet seat too.
lightsaber plunger
This is the best toilet plunger ever and all it takes is replacing the wooden rod from your plunger with a lightsaber. The falcon toilet seat is obviously Photoshopped, but it is still a good idea. Just don’t get into lightsaber fights with your plumber friends. That could be disgusting. That saber has been in the toilet for God’s sake. Then again, it might be a good deterrent for your opponent, and they might just run off.

I think we need a whole line of Star Wars bathroom accessories like these. Maybe an Admiral Ackbar toilet seat that says, “It’s a crap!” Oh, we already have that.

[via Obvious Winner]