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Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5: Double Your Battery Life

 |  |  |  |  |  February 13, 2013

In my experience, battery packs for smartphones can be quite useful, though they have a tendency to add a lot of bulk to your phone. That being said, if you run out of power very often, a battery case can still be a wise precaution. This new battery pack from Mophie aims to boost battery power for the iPhone 5, while not adding too much weight or thickness.

mophie juice pack helium case photo

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium for iPhone 5 packs a 1500 mAh battery, which matches the one inside of your phone. It will allow for an additional six hours of talk time on 3G, or six hours of browsing while using either LTE or 3G. It’s also 13% thinner than the Air Juice Pack they had for the iPhone 4/4S.  Total dimensions for the Juice Pack Helium are x 5.49″(H) x 2.49″(W) x 0.59″(D) – about double the thickness of a stock iPhone 5, about 5/8″ taller, and barely wider.


One really nice feature is that you can charge both the battery case and your iPhone simultaneously, thanks to a single Lightning connector, which is great because having to charge them separately would be a pain.

mophie juice pack helium case book photo

The Mophie Juice Pack Helium sells for $79.95(USD), with the next batch of dark metallic units shipping out on February 25th, and the light metallic model shipping in early March.