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Doppelganger Game Token with Dual Screens: LCD&D

 |  |  |  |  |  |  February 18, 2013

There are hundreds of tabletop games, board games and card games, and with them come even more tokens and other game pieces, some of which you’ll almost surely lose over the years. This neat little invention by Rodney Benesh lets you replace your lost game tokens and personalize your gaming experience as well.


There’s nothing fancy about the Doppelganger. It’s just two one inch LCD screens positioned back to back and resting on a one base. Connect the Doppelganger to a computer via USB to transfer up to 30 images; a button on the Doppelganger’s base lets you flip through the pictures. The current prototype’s battery lasts up to 4 hours, but Rodney hope to increase that to 8 hours in later models.

Pledge at least $20 (USD) on Kickstarter to reserve your own Doppelganger. The Doppelganger may be a simple device, but as the video above shows, its functionality is limited only by your imagination. I’m guessing people who love playing role-playing games won’t have a problem with that.