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Robot Mannequin Mimics Passersby: Mirror v0.5

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Written by Lambert Varias | February 18, 2013

We’ve already seen how the fashion industry can make use of robotics to make life easier for shoppers. But a Japanese clothing chain called United Arrows also found a way to use robots to make things more fun for window shoppers. The company installed a robotic mannequin in one of their stores that mimicked the movements of the person in front of it.


The mimicking mannequin is called MarionetteBot. It uses a Kinect to capture and help analyze the movements of a person. A motor moves a total of 16 wires to match the mannequin’s pose. MarionetteBot isn’t fast or limber enough to perfectly mimic the moves of a person, but it still proved to be a hit.

How come no one thought of doing the robot dance?

[via Akihabaranews]