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Grillbots Are Ready to Get Up in Your Grill

 |  |  |  February 19, 2013

So you like to grill when the weather is nice, but you hate cleaning all of that grime off of your grill. It’s tough. The grease and dirt always sticks to the grate and it can be a real pain to scrub off. Like many things in life, you need a robot to help. That’s where Grillbots will come in handy.
They are basically Roombas for your grill. They scrub off dirt, oil and grime with brushes on their underside as they move and they can do the job whether the grill is hot or cold. They work on gas or charcoal grills and are powered by a rechargeable battery. They have a small LCD to program them for either a light or deep clean.

Other features include an LCD alarm, timer and replaceable brushes. Ethan Woods, the inventor of the Grillbot, spent a few years developing these bots after cleaning his grill using a wire brush attached to a power drill. His system worked great, but a grill-cleaning robot is even better.

Grillbot will come in four colors to start. They will be available this June for $69.95(USD) for the base model. A premium version, with extras, will sell for $99.95(USD).

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