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The Best Way to Drink Chocolate Beer is From a Chocolate Glass

 |  |  |  |  |  February 27, 2013

My life changed when I sipped a shot of Bailey’s mixed with chocolate liquor. I guess you could say that my life changed at that point, because I never liked the taste of alcohol nor appreciated it all – until that very moment.

Japanese brewery Sankt Gallen is no stranger to chocolate booze.

chocolate_beer_glassIn fact, they brew a damned good chocolate stout that’s about to get even better. Sankt Gallen’s newest offering is a special set which includes a 330mL bottle of their chocolate stout, along with a completely edible glass that’s made entirely out of chocolate.

Rocket News 24¬†is quick to explain that the chocolate glass might be able to counteract the bitterness of the the “ultra-dark beer”, which is apparently brewed “with over twice the ingredients of your average dark beer including roasted ‘chocolate malt.'”

Chocolate stout with a side of chocolate? Sounds good to me.

[via Foodbeast]