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X-wing Fighter Bed: Red 5 Nodding Off

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Written by Conner Flynn | February 28, 2013

Kids can be rebellious. I say give a rebel kid a rebel bed. A rebel X-wing Fighter bed like this one. Well, the bed actually sits beneath the body of the ship, allowing the kid to climb up into the cockpit. If I had had this as a kid, I would never have left my bedroom.
x-wing bed
The detail is pretty nice on this X-Wing bed too, with its Astromech droid, X-foils that open and close, and a cockpit where you can sit and watch DVDs on the screen in the nose of the ship.

x-wing bed1
The owner of this bed sure is one lucky kid. I hope he grows up to destroy a Death Star and earn some fame and glory.

x-wing bed2
x-wing bed3


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