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Walking Dead Michonne and Pets Drinking Glasses: Let’s Drink to the Zombie Apocalypse

 |  |  |  |  |  March 5, 2013

When you’ve been fighting off hundreds of zombies, the Governor, and his flunkies all day long, you can build up a wicked thirst. What better way to quench what ails you than with these drinking glasses, etched with images of Michonne and her two zombie pets.


Made by Etsy seller Zombie Gifts and Stuff – who sells, well, zombie gifts and stuff – these 18 oz. glasses have a cool, smoky finish to them, with an image of Michonne on one, and her two armless companions on the others. Of course, since they’re just silhouettes you can’t tell that she’s broken their jaws off. But trust us, these zombies won’t try to bite you, and will only serve to help you sneak through the horde unnoticed.

The full set of three glasses will set you back just $20.99(USD) over on Etsy. Just don’t get any funny ideas and start swiping at the pets with a katana – unless you want a bunch of broken glass on your hands.