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Reevu Motorcycle Helmet Gives You Eyes in the Back of Your Head

 |  |  |  |  |  March 9, 2013

The most dangerous thing about a motorcycle isn’t the motorcycle itself, it’s the distracted drivers around you. We all see people driving down the street in a car weaving all over the place, texting rather than paying attention to what they’re doing. If one of those drivers hits you in your car, you may be angry but odds are you going to be okay. However, if one of those distracted drivers hits you on a motorcycle, there’s a very high likelihood that you won’t be walking away from the accident.

A company called Reevu has created an incredibly cool motorcycle helmet that gives riders eyes in the back of their head. The helmet uses an optical device that’s able to give the rider a view of what’s going on behind them, without distracting them from the road in front of them.


The helmet doesn’t use a camera system or an LCD viewfinder, it uses an optical device that is able to bend light over the top of the wearer’s head allowing them to view what’s behind them on a small mirror inside the helmet.


Those optical elements are coated onto a bulletproof material inside the helmet that also acts as a crumple zone to add additional protection in an accident.

The helmet is made from durable, lightweight polycarbonate materials, and is available in black, matte black, titanium and silver finishes. You can buy the Reevu MSX1 Rear View helmet at Revzilla for $399.99(USD).