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Claw Machine for Foodies: Make a Play for Your Lobster Dinner

 |  |  |  |  |  March 16, 2013

Like your seafood fresh? Then it doesn’t get any fresher than the ‘Submarine Catcher’, which is basically a claw machine where you’re supposed to literally catch the lobster of your dreams. This isn’t the only brand of lobster claw machines in town, since there’s also another one that goes by ‘Lobster Zone.’

Lobster Claw Machine

To be honest, I find it a little sad that restaurants feel the need to add the novelty of people catching their own food before they eat it, as if it were a game. If I were a lobster, I’d prefer to be grabbed from the aquarium and chopped up accordingly right away, rather than have some spindly plastic arms scratching at me every few minutes or so. But hey, that’s just me – and I’m no lobster.

Diner Carolina Sullivan tried her hand at the machine and scored a lobster after on her first try. She said of the experiences: “Chef cooked my prize and served it on my table with a delicious butter sauce.” Hmm. To each their own, I suppose.

[via The Atlantic via Laughing Squid]