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Jolly Rancher-Scented Polish Makes Nails Hard to Resist

 |  |  |  |  |  |  March 18, 2013

Lotta Luv is a cosmetics company that’s no stranger to collaborating with well-known chocolate and candy franchises. The latest one they’ve forged is with Jolly Rancher, where they’ve incorporated the candy’s familiar flavors into the scents and colors of their new 5-color nail polish set.


I know many nailbiters try to kick the bad habit by coating their nails with a layer or two of polish, but this is a set they should probably avoid if they want to succeed at their goal. The candy colors are tempting and perfect for summer, but if you’re trying to keep yourself from chewing on your cuticles, then these are a no-no.

Each set comes with five bottles of polish with the following color and flavor combinations: cherry (red), grape (violet), watermelon (pink), blue raspberry (obviously this one is blue), and green apple (which is again, obviously green.)

If Jolly Rancher isn’t your type, then maybe you’d fancy Bubble Yum or Nerds-scented polishes by Lotta Luv instead. You can get the Jolly Rancher polish set from Amazon for $8.88.

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