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RHA MA150 Earphones: Lots of Bang for Your Buck

 |  |  |  March 20, 2013

When it comes to earphones, it’s best to have a couple of pairs around because you never know when you’ll lose your favorite pair or you’ll break them. These earbuds offer a surprising good audio response for their price, and are good entry-level, or backup earphones for your favorite pair.

rha ma150 earphones earbuds photo

RHA MA150 earphones┬ácome in a compact eco-friendly package, and you’ll be surprised at the sound that comes from them, with solid bass for their size. The cords are a wee bit thin for my taste, but compared to other headphones in the sub-$25 range, they are definitely something you should look at. The package comes with some adapters to make sure they fit snugly in your ears as well, which is cool for this price.

rha ma150 earphones earbuds black photo

Frequency response for the RHA MA150 earphones is rated at 16-22,000Hz, with a sensitivity of 103dB. They’re available for $24.95(USD) over at RHA’s website or $19.95 at Amazon.