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3D Printed GLaDOS Arm Lamp: Killing You and Lighting Your Home Aren’t Mutually Exclusive

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Written by Lambert Varias | March 23, 2013

Do you want a sociopathic robot to literally light up your life? Just follow Instructables user Dragonator’s lead and you’ll never feel safe in your own home again! Dragonator built a lamp that looks just like the Portal villainess using 3D printed parts and LEDs. If you’re really reckless, you can even make her move too.


Dragonator borrowed a couple of UP! 3D printers to complete his project. I’d love to summarize his instructions here, but just from looking at his build I’m sure you can all see that a lot of detailed labor and crafting went into it. As I said, Dragonator originally wanted to make the robotic arm move, but he designed other parts for the lamp in case you just want a lamp. That way you’ll also do away with most of the wiring. And possibly save yourself from being killed by a lamp. Luxo Jr. this is not.

Head to Dragonator’s Instructables page to check out his very detailed walkthrough. He also submitted his lamp to Instructable’s contest – winner gets an UP! 3D printer! – so if you liked his creation – or are deathly afraid of it – vote for him here!

[via Nerd Approved]