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Beer Pong Arcade Machine Skips the Most Critical Component

 |  |  |  |  March 29, 2013

Apparently beer pong is now so popular that people are willing to play it even without beer involved. That’s what arcade machine maker Bay Tek Games found out when it unveiled their newest creation, Beer Pong Master. It plays a lot like the eponymous party game, except the cups have some form of lighting in them instead of beer.


Foodbeast saw the arcade machine at the recently held Nightclub & Bar Show in Las Vegas. Players have 60 seconds to try and shoot a ping pong ball into each of the 10 cups up front. The cups are lit when the game starts; shoot a ball into a cup and its light goes out. Like many arcade machines, up to four Beer Pong Master units can be connected for some sober multiplayer action. I’m pretty sure players won’t be asked to eat the lights in your opponent’s cups.

Beer Pong Master: a fun way to prepare for college!

[via Foodbeast & Bay Tek Games via Daily of the Day]