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Plate-Oh! Extends the Life of Your Typical Paper Plate By Ten Times

 |  |  |  |  March 30, 2013

Disposable paper plates are wasteful. Unfortunately, they’re one of the few options if you’re having a picnic or hosting an outdoor meal for various reasons. Re-using them doesn’t seem like a very hygienic or practical thing to do, since most get soiled pretty badly after one use anyway.

An upgrade to the conventional paper plate comes in the form of the Plate-Oh!


It’s basically a paper plate with ten disposable layers pressed on top of it. So instead of throwing the plate away after using it once, you’ll simply have to peel the soiled, topmost layer off by lifting the corner of that layer and pulling gently. Dispose of that layer, and voila! You’ve got a clean paper plate to use for the next party!


The Plate-Oh! concept was designed by Sahar Madanat Haddad, and there are no immediate plans to commercialize the Plate-Oh!


[via Yanko Design]