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World’s Smallest Cellphone Ready to Get Lost in the Couch Cushions

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Written by Paul Strauss | March 30, 2013

I’ve got enough trouble keeping track of where I set down my iPhone, so I can’t imagine how often I’d lose my cellphone if it were this small.


The Willcom WX06A Phone Strap 2[JP]¬†phone measures just 1.26″(W) x 2.75″(H) x .42″(D) and weighs only 32 grams. That makes it about 1/3rd the size and weight of an iPhone 5. This diminutive phone is small enough to fit into one of those tiny jeans pockets, and can be held between the thumb and index finger to make calls.


Of course, a phone this small comes with other practical limitations beyond just the potential of losing it. For starters, if you have normal, human-sized fingers, good luck using the keyboard to dial and make calls. It’s also got a tiny little battery that can only provide enough juice for 2 hours of calling time.

The Phone Strap 2 was released about a week ago, and Willcom says they’re only going to be making 12,000 of them. Maybe they’ll include them in boxes of cereal as a giveaway.

[via Impress Watch(JP) via NewLaunches]