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Go Inside Your Favorite Cartoon Characters with Disney Anatomy

 |  |  |  |  March 31, 2013

If Mickey Mouse is really a mouse, then how come he can stand upright? The same question goes for Minnie.

If you’ve ever wondered what Disney’s most famous characters are made up of on the inside, then wonder no more because DeviantArt artist Alessandro Conti did all the thinking and drawing for you. Check out his stylized anatomical drawings of Mickey and the gang and see if the parts agree with science.

Disney Cartoon Character Anatomy

This type of thing is kind of hard to unsee, so I wouldn’t recommend showing these to kids because they’ll probably freak out and hate you for it. Either that, or they’ll hate these characters that they used to love so much instead.

Disney Cartoon Character Anatomy1

There’s Minnie, looking Dainty even with her outer skin peeled off. And take a look at Goofy! I never imagined he’d look this butch without his goofy clothes on.

Disney Cartoon Character Anatomy2

Last but not least, here’s Pluto. I always thought that Goofy was a dog, too, so I always find it puzzling why he’s upright and given the ability to speak when Pluto can’t. Artistic license, I suppose.

Disney Cartoon Character Anatomy3

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