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iFixit Orange Teardown: Orange You Glad they Did This?

 |  |  |  |  April 1, 2013

Readers can be a fickle bunch – around here we know this from experience. It seems like we’re always getting comments or e-mails accusing us of taking money from this company or that because we cover so many of their products. At the same time, we’re always getting e-mails wanting to know why exactly you haven’t talked about the latest whatnot from this company or that. I can certainly imagine that the geeks over at iFixit have caught more than little grief over the fact that they tend to rip apart every Apple device ever made.

To celebrate April Fool’s Day, iFixit has opted for tearing down something other than an Apple gadget.


This time, they have torn down an orange. As in the citrus fruit, which has prevented scurvy for thousands of years. As is typical for teardowns from iFixit, there are plenty of shots of the tools needed and images of the (quite literally) juicy insides.


If you have a penchant for the Orange, be warned that it has a repair ability score of zero. Yep, once you open this thing up there is no fixing it. This is a one use device, unless you are into organic gardening anyway.


View the full Orange teardown over at iFixit.