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Leather and Chainmaille Beer Koozie: Armor for Your Altbier

 |  |  |  |  April 2, 2013

Beer is a real man’s drink. That’s why it comes in a can or a glass. It would come in a suit of armor if it were practical to manufacture it that way. But since it’s not, Dougfungus has done it for us. This beer koozie protects your beer from more than just warmth.

chainmail beer koozie

With this leather and chainmaille armor, beer can stand up to a small sword or axe, maybe even an arrow or two, while it fights back with great taste and scores a critical hit to your sobriety.

Forget those stupid foam beer koozies. This is a man’s koozie for medieval mead. Great work, Dougfungus.

[via Obvious Winner]