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Sonic Screwdriver Tattoo Won’t Unlock Doors, but is the Key to My Heart

 |  |  |  April 5, 2013

Okay guys, prepare to have your hearts won over by this female Doctor Who fan who has a sexy Doctor Who tattoo. The tattoo is of a garter holding a Sonic Screwdriver. After all, that really is the best place to hold your Sonic Screwdriver.


If you had said the words “Sonic Screwdriver tattoo” before I saw this image, I would have never imagined something so provocative. I wonder if all the female companions have one and we just didn’t know it.

Now I really want to see some girls wearing Slave Leia outfits with blasters tattooed on their leg. There is clearly a whole untapped area here of weapons that could be tattooed on one’s leg. I’ll be awaiting your submissions ladies.

[via Cheezburger via Fashionably Geek]